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Websydian J2EE Architecture Deploying


It must be ensured that the necessary objects and files described in the following sections are available before successfully deploying a Websydian J2EE application

Pack Websydian Application

Before the Websydian application can be deployed it must be packed as a J2EE web application, also known as a web application archive (WAR file). This can be done using the package tool supplied with the chosen J2EE server.
This section describes the general steps in packaging a WAR file. Please consult the white paper section at the Websydian support site for deployment details for specific J2EE servers.

  1. Create a WAR file that contains the Websydian application.
  2. Add a Web Component to the WAR file.
  3. Configure the Web Component as a servlet using the following information:
    Servlet jar file WsydDwa21.jar
    Servlet class file com.websydian.pka.servlet.J2eeProxy
    Servlet initialization parameters Name: servlet.propertyfile. Value: path to property file

    If this value is left blank, then the J2EE Proxy will look for the property file inside the WAR file in "WEB-INF/J2eeProxy.prop".

    Alias Name used to access the servlet from a browser.
  4. Add the following jar files to the web application library path:
  5. Remember to specify a web context for the web application. The web context is the first part of the URL path that the user uses to access the Websydian application. The URL will look like this: http://<hostname>/<webcontext>/<servletalias>. So if the alias specified in 3) is /myservlet, the web context is /mytestapp, and the host name is www.myserver.com then the final URL will be http://www.myserver.com/mytestapp/myservlet.

When the Websydian application is deployed please make sure that the following files also are copied to the J2EE server.

File Description
Ob510usr.properties Configuration file used by the Plex run-time. Please see the relevant Plex and Websydian documentation for the content of this file. This file is a copy of the Ob510srv.properties file which is supplied with Plex. For further information see the Plex help.
Servlet property file In step 3) above the initialization parameter servlet.propertyfile was set to the path to the servlet property file. This file contains a number of settings that must be set correctly. Please look here for more information.
Websydian HTML templates The Websydian HTML templates must be accessible from the servlet. The servlet reads the location of the templates from the servlet property file.

Deploy Websydian Application

The Websydian application can be deployed to the J2EE server using the WAR file generated in the previous section. For details on how to do this for specific J2EE servers please refer to the manual of the chosen J2EE server. Also check the white papers at the Websydian support site (http://www.websydian.com).