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Plex Property File

In the Plex property file the following settings can be used to configure the Websydian application.

HTML.PATH The path to the Websydian HTML templates. Please remember to end with a slash, e.g. 'c:/websydianapplication/templates/'.
HTML.DATE Describes how a date value is formatted. Default is 'yy/mm/dd'.
HTML.TIME Describes how a time value is formatted Default is 'hh/mm/dd'.
HTML.TIMESTAMP Describes how a timestamp value is formatted Default is 'yy/mm/dd hh:mm'.
MultipleInstancesOfTheSameFunctionAllowed This is a Plex setting that allows the same function to be called multiple times within the same JVM.
For Websydian to function properly it is important that this option is set to Yes.

The Plex property file must also contain information about how the Websydian application should contact the backend server. Please refer to the Plex documentation for more details on this issue.