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Websydian J2EE Architecture Overview

With Websydian it is easy to develop true J2EE web applications using the Websydian J2EE option for DWA.

Websydian and Plex occupies the two Server-Side tiers in the J2EE Programming Model, handling presentation and business logic.

The Websydian J2EE architecture is an extension of the DWA architecture that supports the J2EE platform as shown in the figure below.

The figure shows how the Websydian J2EE option for DWA places the Websydian application (comprised of the J2eeProxy servlet, J2eeEventDispatcher, and the standard Websydian functions) in the Web Container (Server-Side Presentation Tier),  while business logic is deployed as Enterprise Java Beans in the bean container using CA Plex EJB support.

The Websydian J2EE application is placed in the two Server-Side tiers described in the J2EE standard.

Read more about J2EE and the Websydian J2EE architecture in the Websydian J2EE Background.