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Websydian J2EE Architecture Parts

In the Websydian J2EE architecture the Websydian components (EventDispatcher, EventHandler, and PageGenerator) are deployed as a servlet in the J2EE web container. In order to do this the J2eeProxy servlet and the J2eeEventDispatcher must be used.

J2eeProxy Servlet

The J2eeProxy servlet is a run-time servlet found in the Websydian Java run-time (WsydDwa21.jar).

The J2eeProxy works as a bridge between the servlet interface and the Websydian application. When launched it will transfer all information about the request to the Websydian EventDispatcher function. As the EventDispatcher function is a Plex generated function the J2eeProxy calls the EventDispatcher as such. As input the EventDispatcher takes a key to an internal object store where the J2eeProxy stores information about the request.

An EventDispatcher is J2EE enabled simply by letting it inherit from the J2eeEventDispatcher function.


The J2eeEventDispatcher is launched by the J2eeProxy. Besides that it works like a standard EventDispatcher function.

More information on the J2eeEventDispatcher can be found here.


The J2eeSoapProcessor is launched by the J2eeProxy. Besides that it works like a standard SoapProcessor function.

More information on the J2eeSoapProcessor can be found here.