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The Page Generator Main Function

One Page Generator function is defined for each HTML page generated by the Websydian application.  The Page Generator functions produce the HTML documents sent to the users of the web application.

The page generation process

The Page Generator function generates the HTML pages sent to the web user.  The page generation process is controlled by a Document Template defined for each Page Generator function.

All page generation in Websydian is based on Document Templates which represents the contents and the layout of an HTML page in the application.  The Document Templates are generated at development-time by the Document Template Generator function scoped under the Page Generator functions.

HTML pages generated by Websydian are in a single-record format or in a grid format.  In this way, a Websydian generated HTML page contains one Details region and/or one Grid region.

The generated HTML pages may contain a number of HTML forms corresponding to the Event Handler Functions specified for the Page Generator function.

More Information

See the introduction document Page Generators and Document Templates for an overview of the page generation process based on Document Templates.

The Structure diagram for the Page Generator and the Structure diagram for the Validation and Conversion enhancements show the Websydian Page Generator patterns.